Full-Service Landscape and Maintenance Services


Landscape maintenance services including turf and bed activities, and chemicals.

Construction services including design, estimating, installation, follow-up and warranties.

Flower and seasonal color including design development, plant material, preparation, maintenance, perennials and more.

Special services including landscape budgeting and renovation, drainage systems, tree work, structural pruning, stump removal, insect, pest & disease control, water feature development and more.

Fall is a great time to plant shrubs, seed and make turf repairs!


Other services include:

• Lawn Maintenance
• Landscaping
• Herbicide and Fertilizer
• Tree and Shrub Trimming
• Hardscapes
• Retaining Walls
• Hydroseeding
• Site Development
• Top Soil and Sand

• Aerating
• Dethatching
• Restoration of Lawns
• Planting Bed Maintenance
• Mulch (All Varieties)
• Lawn Install
• Landscape Stone
• Paver Walkways
• Drainage Systems


French Drains

french-drainDo you have water running or pooling on your property that never seems to dry out or is causing damage to your foundation? A French drain is a quick and easy solution we can offer to help divert surface or groundwater away from an area. This drain type is installed by creating a trench that is filled with gravel and perforated piping of different varieties. This trench can be installed to just collect water and contain it or can be graded and pitched to help water run away from an area. Depending on your drainage issue, the French drain can be small and barely noticeable or can be made larger and can be made to be more esthetically appealing and blend with the landscape.
If you have a water or existing drainage issue you would like to correct, please call for an evaluation by one of Greenskeeper’s professionals.


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