Sports Field Renovation & Maintenance

Sports Field Renovation: Returning your Field to Tournament Quality

We can repair and rejuvenate any part of your field.

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Baseball Lip Removal

Improper maintenance of the infield is a major cause of excessive build up of material around the lip of the field. Removing the build-up of infield soil that accumulates along these borders in imperative for a variety of reasons including appearance, playability and even safety concerns. Our approach is to redefine the borders by mechanically edging them and blending infield mix back in, allowing for much better playability.

Pitchers Mound, Plate and Circle Repair

  • replacing ‘lost’ soil and baseball mix to match the appropriate, surrounding grades
  • replacing damaged turf areas and re-establishing the right size circles with crisp, tight edges
  • measuring and moving the plate and/or rubber with laser accuracy
  • rebuilding a level table around home plate and installing clay for batter’s boxes and catcher’s position
  • rebuilding the table and landing area on the pitcher’s mound

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baseball Field renovationInfield Skin Repair, Laser Grading

  • fill in low/worn areas with baseball mix: these develop especially in player position and at 1st and 2nd base
  • removing high spots: these tend to develop near foul lines and behind 2nd base, they are exacerbated by poor dragging practices
  • re-establish the grade on the infield and baselines to ensure positive drainage, this reduces rain-outs and delays
  • measuring and resetting base positions
  • measuring and reseting foul poles and back stops
  • installing our Magic Mix top dressing which improves the playability, appearance and weather hardiness of any field

Turf Repair

  • sodding or seeding wear damaged areas
  • re-establishing the proper arcs in the outfield and infield
  • straightening baselines
  • creating walk-up lanes and pitcher’s paths

baseballWarning Track Construction and Repair

  • removing and replacing existing base soil to repair drainage issues
  • grading to match current surface drainage contours
  • installing Magic Track which increases foot stability and alleviates drainage concerns
  • edging encroaching sod to leave tight, crisp lines around the field

Fertilization Over seeding and Top Dressing

  • Weed control and fertilization will help maintain that tournament look, as well as allowing for a healthy turf
  • Over seeding allows for thickening and increasing the density of the lawn
  • Top dressing allows us to improve the existing soil by adding nutrients and microbes that will make it thrive

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Greenskeeper is a proud provider of field maintenance at
the home of the 2016 Little League World Champs!