Sports Field Maintenance, Renovation & Turf Repair

Returning your Fields to Tournament Quality

Baseball Lip Removal

Improper maintenance of the infield is a major cause of excessive buildup of infield mix around the lip of the field. This all too common situation is both dangerous and unsightly. Removing the build up of infield soil that accumulates along these borders is imperative for a variety of reasons including appearance, playability and most importantly safety concerns. Our approach is to redefine the borders by mechanically edging them and removing the existing infield over burden and blending infield mix back in, allowing for a much better playability.

Pitching mounds & Plate and Batting circle repair

Complete overhaul of the pitching mound is often necessary to regain proper mound heights and playability. Often the pitching rubber and the landing area have depreciated to sub standard levels causing the pitcher to be off set, landing in a dangers void or hole and not allowing the pitcher to properly address the batter. We can rebuild the mound area in stall new clay and soil that will provide years of worry free maintenance for the pitchers and the league

Batters Boxes

Batters boxes quite often suffer the same fate as the landing area and pitching rubber on the mound. Often batters stand in holes that have had unconditioned infield mix filled in to allow them not to stand in holes. These holes last about and inning and all subsequent batters are starting off in the existing depressions. Much like the rebuild of the mound we can rebuild with clay both batters box as well as the catchers area and area for umpires. This is important to have proper adherence to league standards.

Infield Skin Repair, Laser Grading

Filling in low/warn areas with infield mix especially in commonly used player positions such as 1st and 2nd base.

Remove high spots, these tend to develop near foul lines and behind 2nd base. They re exacerbated by poor dragging and maintenance practices

Re-establish the grade on the infield and baselines to ensure positive drainage, this refuces rain outs and delays

Measuring and resetting base positions & Measure and rest foul poles and backstops

We can also over seed the turf and apply weed control. Seasonal core aeration is also very popular and advised for all turf fields to aid in drainage and overall grass development

Mowing Maintenance

Includes mowing and trimming and proper grass heights to optimize peak performance and quality play.

League offices can quickly become overwhelmed by all the requirements necessary to have a top quality facility. Often neglect has happened over years of improper maintenance practices and the renovation quickly becomes overwhelming. We have seen all types of conditions since or 1993 start. With Greenskeeper we will work with your members to institute the proper practices to maintain the field. We often have free maintenance seminars and will work with your staff to make sure your fields become the envy of your entire league.